Implementation of Therap® Enables More Comprehensive Care for Those We Serve

Evergreen Service Providers is in the process of implementing, Therap®, a person-centered system that will enable us to more thoroughly and efficiently manage documentation and services for the Individuals in our care.

Therap is a secure, web-based application suite that is designed specifically to enhance and streamline the vast documentation needs of organizations that provide long term support and services to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) who are in home and community-based settings. It provides a comprehensive solution for planning, recording, reporting, billing and communication, using secure, cloud technology. Applications are developed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and other security/privacy requirements.

The Therap system assists in improving the quality of services within day programs, assisted living facilities, ICF/IID facilities, community support programs and state organizations. It also facilitates seamless daily communication and reporting between states, administrators, health care professionals, case managers, quality assurance personnel, and families who make up the support teams of those Individuals we serve. Therap is currently used in more than 4000 agencies, from those serving as few as one Individual to multi-state providers serving thousands.

The Therap system provides an array of documentation and reporting forms for the use of staff and those who provide care to Individuals with IDD, including the following:

  • Incident and event reports
  • Daily shift notes
  • Communication logs and contact notes
  • Medical data including vital signs, height/weight, medical events, skin/wound assessments
  • Medical appointments
  • Electronic health records, health tracking modules and health care reports
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR) management and reporting
  • Goal tracking and service logs
  • Personal focus worksheet and individual support plans
  • Emergency fact sheets and data forms
  • Tracking of finances, expenses, deposits & receipts
  • Tracking of training classes, staff certifications
  • Quality Assurance, auditing and licensing reports
  • Storage for external documents such as Advanced Directives, Consents and Authorizations
  • Employment/volunteer history,  job descriptions, progress and assessments
  • Billing and insurance/Medicaid claims for services
  • Case/meeting notes

We are in the process of training our staff and Host Home Providers to use this intuitive system and excited about enhancing our ability to fulfill our mission with the implementation of Therap.


Therap® is a registered trademark of Therap Services.


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