Therap Tip: Daily Notes

You may be wondering about how the daily notes are designed in Therap. A common question we have received is: Can the answers to the contact note statements default to “yes” instead of “no” to save me time?

The short answer is yes, this is possible. The longer answer is that we specifically designed the note to default to “no” for a reason.

As a Host Home Provider, you support the Individual in your care in a variety of areas on a daily basis. These areas can include anything from medication administration and meal preparation to personal hygiene and community access. As a Provider Approved Service Agency (PASA), Evergreen Service Providers is required to show that the supports you provide match the service definitions for Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS).

The advantage of using Therap is that we can design a daily note template (ISP Data) to capture this information both efficiently and thoroughly without requiring you to write a lengthy narrative note. All you have to do is go in each day and match the support(s) you have provided with the specific service.

For example, if you practiced a fire drill and educated the Individual regarding what to do in an emergency then you would check “yes” for that contact note section (Emergency services: Prevention planning and training). This way you only check “yes” for supports you actually provided to the Individual that day and all other supports stay “no”. If the contact note defaulted to “yes” it may save you a few seconds, but it would also increase the possibility for errors and over-reporting.

The contact note is designed to capture your hard work, and by setting it up this way we help avoid errors and over-reporting associated with quickly opening the contact note and clicking save at the bottom. So those few extra seconds to pause and accurately reflect the support you provided that day will end up giving yourself the credit you deserve! Thank you for all you do!

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