Glimpses of IDD Life: “See Me for Me!”

Isn’t it what we all want – to be seen and appreciated for who we are and what makes us unique? That can be challenging for any of us in a sometimes judgmental world. But it can be especially tough for Individuals with a noticeable disability.

Since 1987, March has been recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Last year’s theme was “See Me for Me” – an appeal to look beyond an Individual’s disability and see them as the person they are.

“See Me for Me” is an unofficial, but very real, over-arching theme every day within the IDD community. Advocating for access to and inclusion in every aspect of life, and demonstrating that IDD challenges do not preclude a happy, successful life is an ongoing part of our mission at Evergreen Service Providers. Just like any of us, Individuals living with IDD have unique talents and capabilities that afford them the potential to contribute to their communities and to fulfillment in their own lives.

Last month, Evergreen Service Providers sponsored a photo contest among our Host Home Providers and the Individuals they serve as part of our recognition of Development Disabilities Awareness Month. This month we share some of those results and the incredibly interesting individuals who are part of our Evergreen community.

Bruce: “It’s fun to get to meet new people and see new shows.”

William: “I like the theater because I get to see interesting things that I may not see anywhere else. And I like going to dinner first!”
(Host Home Provider: Gregory Lyons)

Dale: “Here I am sharing my light and peace sign in the rain forest of  Costa Rica.” (Host Home Provider: Keith Ziegler)

Ruben: “I love to fish! I like baiting my line and reeling in. When I catch something I get so excited! Being outside and having fun are my favorite things.” (Host Home Provider: Kris Bunch)


Evergreen Service Providers has been serving the IDD community since 1991. We work closely with Host Home Providers, involved family members and Community Centered Board staff members to create customized plans designed to enable the IDD adults we work with reach their maximum potential. We help adults facing developmental disabilities improve their quality of life and achieve their goals by connecting them with the perfect host home setting – one that will promote lasting growth in mind, body, and spirit.

We extend our thanks to our Host Home Providers and the Individuals who participated in our contest. We salute the Individuals we work with for your courage and for sharing who you are with the world. To learn more about IDD or becoming a host home provider visit our Host Home Providers page on

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