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Each quarter we select an outstanding Host Home Provider (HHP); they are central to our mission and to the lives of the Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in their care. Evergreen Service Providers’ HHP of this Quarter has chosen to remain anonymous, but we’d like to congratulate and thank her for her outstanding service and some specific achievements.

Our extraordinary HHP has served in association with Evergreen Service Providers for more than ten years, sharing her home with the same Individual for that entire time. Beyond a good relationship, there is a “family member” bond shared between our HHP and the Individual in her care, for whom she is an ardent advocate.

We are more than impressed – especially since she doesn’t consider herself a “computer person” – at how she has stepped up and mastered the addition of our new online Therap system. Implemented early this year, this person-centered software enables us to more thoroughly and efficiently manage documentation and services for the Individuals in our care.

Therap is a secure, web-based application suite that is designed specifically to enhance and streamline the vast documentation needs of organizations that provide long term support and services to IDD Individuals who are in home and community-based settings. It provides a comprehensive solution for planning, recording, reporting, billing, and communication using secure, cloud technology. Its applications are developed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and other security/privacy requirements. More than 4,000 agencies currently use Therap.

How Therap Assists Our HHPs and the Individuals They Serve

Seamless Communications

Therap is designed to facilitate seamless daily communication and reporting between states, administrators, health care professionals, case managers, quality assurance personnel, and families who make up the support teams of the Individuals we serve.

Streamlined Documentation

The Therap system provides an array of documentation and reporting forms, making detailed information about an Individual instantly accessible, literally at the fingertips of those who provide care to IDD Individuals. Examples include electronic health records, Medication Administration Records (MAR) management and reporting, health conditions and vital signs, storage of documents such as Advanced Directives, Consents and Authorizations, emergency fact sheets, individual support plans, progress assessments, and case/meeting notes.

Therap enhances our ability to fulfill our mission. It is even accessible as a mobile app – yet another aspect of this system at which our HHP of the quarter has become proficient!  By providing our Host Home Providers with this comprehensive approach to communications, record keeping and reporting, they are empowered to operate and assure compliance more efficiently – freeing up time for our HHPs to give even more of their invaluable time and attention to the Individuals we serve.

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