Meet Our HHP of the Quarter – Eugene Lawson

Finding purpose brings joy and fulfillment to life! Eugene Lawson shared that when he became a Host Home Provider (HHP) five years ago, he found his calling and “things fell into place.”

Evergreen is grateful to have Eugene on their team for the last three years, and appreciative of his meticulous management of documentation, reports and appointments! Despite a busy schedule, he is never short of time to offer patience and support to Francisco, the IDD Individual who shares his home through Evergreen’s residential program.

The two fostered a great connection right from the start. Francisco has been with Eugene for three years and now considers members of his household to be family. And it’s a full house!

Kristen, Eugene’s love and best friend for 28 years, recently became his wife and they are both happier than ever to be together. She works outside the home so Eugene keeps up with laundry, cleaning and yard work to make life easier for Kristen. Their young adult sons, Jordan and Germaine, are like brothers to Francisco and another IDD Individual with whom they share their home and lives. Three dogs – Macho, Brutus and Nola – and a cat named Frisky round out the family. Macho, a white Mastiff, is Francisco’s “roommate” and best buddy.

Francisco and Eugene have a special relationship that Eugene attributes to mutual respect. He recognizes that we all have challenges – some are more obvious than others – but we all have them. His objective is to help Francisco draw from all the resources within him to face his own challenges. Eugene has always made it a point to treat Francisco like the man he is, not like a child, and to have an adult-to-adult relationship rather than assuming a “parent” role. He says he’s firm but fair and very structured, which helps Eugene keep up with his own fitness program. He makes it a point to take care of himself so that he can take care of those he loves. He finds that structure benefits Francisco, too, and stability has helped cultivate the confidence that his HHP family has his best interest at heart. Of Eugene, Francisco says he’s awesome, that he is inspired by him and loves him dearly.

Francisco has developed a focus on his own life and on bettering himself. He enjoys haircuts and cares about his appearance, knowing that a first impression is a lasting one. He enjoys getting out – especially visiting Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Eugene shared that, “We like to help people.” His guiding principles are that he tries to be good to people, do the right thing, and treat people the way he wants to be treated. The goodness he puts out into the world seems to return to him over and over, and he is grateful to be living his calling. Evergreen and the people who make up his circle feel blessed to have him in their lives.

Congratulations, Eugene, for being selected Evergreen’s HHP of the quarter, and thank you for all you do! To learn more about being a Host Home Provider, check out our FAQ page.

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