A Salute to Our Healthcare Team

Facing COVID-19 and its impact on our lives and communities has opened our eyes to the courage and dedication of front-line healthcare providers who put their lives at risk to charge into battle daily and clash with a little-known enemy. Evergreen Service Providers (Evergreen) salutes those who have become, without asking to be, 21st century heroes.

That awareness has sparked a renewed appreciation not only for those front-line heroes and the emergent situations they face, but also for the critical role the healthcare community fills in our everyday lives.

Evergreen has its own healthcare team that is essential to the services we provide to the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) Individuals in our care. We’d like to introduce our team and extend our gratitude for the confidence it lends, just knowing they are here for us.

Randi is our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who started her healthcare career eight years ago as an in-home caregiver and joined Evergreen in 2019. Randi says caregiving comes naturally and that she is driven to provide support that enables Individuals to stay in their homes or a home-like setting. She shared her story of providing home visits to a World War II veteran and how that experience, and the realization that she had made a difference in his life and that of his family, impacted her career. She said the opportunity opened her eyes to the dynamics of families, the need for communities to support their senior and disabled members, and the value or relationships forged with clients and their families.

Randi serves Evergreen by overseeing the medical records and needs of the Individuals we serve. Using Therap’s online reporting and tracking system, she regularly reviews documents, medication logs, vitals, and other reports submitted for each Individual by their Host Home Providers (HHP). She follows up when Individuals have had medical appointments, to ensure that next steps are clear and acted upon. And she is an on-call resource to provide recommendations should individuals experience fevers or minor injuries.

Randi is a Host Home Provider herself, first learning about the host home community 15 years ago. She is happily married for 19 years and has twins that just graduated from high school. A native of Colorado, Randi loves to spend time outside, which helps her find the silver lining in any situation.

Jamie is our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and has worked with Evergreen since 2015. She has filled many roles during her career including ten years as a charge nurse for jails located in the Front Range area. She shared that her responsibilities gave her opportunities to gain a lot of knowledge and to develop good critical thinking and assessment skills.

From there, she worked for DDRC for 18 months which is where she developed a love for IDD Individuals who she describes as “…so innocent, precious and sweet. They touch you – you can’t help but love them.” This position enabled her to reclaim the caring, empathetic aspects of the work that drew her to nursing initially. Jamie welcomed the opportunity to put aside the hardened shell that she sometimes had to “wear” in her previous work. It was during this time that she discovered Evergreen Service Providers.

Jamie now consults with us on a variety of situations, helps educate us, and find solutions for managing conditions or disease processes experienced by our Individuals. She provides guidance regarding administration and monitoring of medication and translates and signs documentation. She says she loves Evergreen’s mission and the opportunity to be part of it.

Jamie is also a Colorado native and enjoys cooking. Being an avid stay-at-home mom to five dogs – two Labradors and three Maltese – brings her special joy.

We salute our very own healthcare team and extend our sincere gratitude for your roles in serving the Individuals we hold so dear. We couldn’t do what we do without you! Thank you for the difference you make in our community and our lives!

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