IDD Individuals and the HHP – The Path to a Mutually Perfect Match

Adults living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) have the opportunity to develop independence, grow personally, and be a contributing member of their community when they are in a nurturing environment that is the right fit for their needs. Evergreen Service Providers works with the families of these Individuals to find the perfect safe, stable, loving setting within a Host Home that will foster growth of mind, body, and spirit and empower the Individual to thrive.

When a person has an intellectual or developmental disability, it is usually recognized at a very young age. In these cases, the Individual qualifies for benefits through Medicaid. At age 18, the Individual is eligible to transition into the HHP system, which is also paid for through Medicaid.

There are important steps that are taken to find the fit that is just right for both the IDD Individual and the Host Home Provider (HHP). The process begins with a Request for Proposal to identify and vet options for the IDD individual, is overseen by the Individual’s case manager at a Community Centered Boards (CCB), and carried out through regional and local agencies. The residence in which an Individual will live must be verified to meet certain requirements and Host Home Providers must meet specific qualifications and training requirements. Families of Individuals typically take several weeks to perform due diligence, with the support of members of the IDD Individual’s interdisciplinary team. To learn more, read our blog about this process.

Finding the Perfect Match

Beyond these structured steps of the process comes what is perhaps the most critical step in placing the Individual in the optimal host home situation – matching the Individual and the Host Home Provider (HHP). Host Home Providers come from all walks of life, opening their hearts and homes to IDD Individuals and making them a part of their families – a situation that may last for decades. So the match has to be right for all parties.

The Individual’s unique needs must be considered, of course, and whether the HHP has the experience, knowledge or training, time, and willingness to meet them. Examples of these considerations include:

  • What level of assistance does the Individual need in meeting their daily needs?
  • Do they need physical assistance or verbal only?
  • Does the Individual need behavioral support that requires specialized knowledge or experience?
  • Will the Individual need frequent transportation to medical or other appointments?
  • Will the Individual attend classes or participate in day programs?
  • Does the Individual work or plan to?
  • Are they capable of using public transportation independently?
  • How will the Individual get along with the HHP’s family members and pets?

Along with residential services, Host Home Providers provide meals, medication management, and assistance with daily living skills and activities and have the support of the Individual’s interdisciplinary team. HHPs also maintain specific documentation about the Individual with whom they are sharing their home and receive compensation for their services. They provide a nurturing environment in which the Individual is respected, treated with dignity, and has the resources to thrive. When the right match is made, the situation is a positive, life-changing experience for both the HHP and the Individual.

What it Takes to Become a Host Home Provider

Have you ever considered becoming a Host Home Provider? What does it take? You likely have a big heart, find it rewarding to help others and offer a hand up to a fellow human being, and perhaps are interested in replacing your current job with that of a caregiver.

Potential Host Home Providers must complete an application and a process that includes a criminal background check. Both they and their homes must meet certain requirements. Training around working with IDD Individuals is provided, including becoming certified in First Aid and CPR. Apart from knowing the basics, many other questions may come to mind.

  • How do you determine who is a good match for my home?
  • If we have pets can you match us with someone who does well with animals?
  • Do you consider Host Homes with children or only those without?
  • Is the Individual allowed to have guests in my home?
  • What kind of ongoing support can I expect?
  • What if I need to be out of town?
  • How much is the pay for a Home Host Provider and where do the funds come from?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found on our FAQs page, along with more details about being a Host Home Provider.

On occasion, the needs and/or preferences of an Individual suggest that their best situation may be living with a family member rather than a non-relative HHP. Colorado’s Family Caregiver Act provides the IDD Individual broader choices in terms of where services are delivered and by whom – choices which include eligible family members which can be compensated for providing services. Read our blog to get more information about the Family Caregiver Act or download our information sheet.

People who open their homes to these amazing Individuals experience a richness in their lives that is immeasurable. Imagine the joy of seeing another Individual thrive and knowing that you are an integral part of their success! Host Home Providers who work with Evergreen Service Providers can rest assured that we will walk with you and the Individuals you care for each step of the journey. Contact us for more information or to start the process.

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