A Focused Residential Program Sets Evergreen Service Providers Apart

At Evergreen Service Providers our focus is, and always has been, on the Individual – the whole person that exists beyond the intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) with which they are challenged. We work closely with their families and our Host Home Providers to create an environment that abounds with opportunities for Individuals to thrive in body, mind, and spirit. Following is some of what we hear from families, and sometimes IDD Individuals themselves, about why they chose Evergreen.

The IDD Individual is Our First Priority.

IDD clients say they were drawn to Evergreen because of what we provide: primarily stability and a more personal atmosphere. They appreciated that they’d deal with one program manager who would know them well and be aware of, and responsive to, all their needs. Our open phone line policy assures that they can be heard, or get help, at any time.

Over time, this continuity builds a family-like bond along with the trust that comes with that feeling of inclusion and acceptance. We walk our talk when we say that each Individual matters, and believe it to be the foundation of confidence that so many Individuals need to embrace, reveal, and nurture the person they are.

We also practice person-centered thinking in all that we do. It considers not only needs, but an Individual’s preferences, and allows input and participation by the Individual in the choices that affect their lives.

We Understand Families.

Choosing an agency to oversee residential placement and entrust with the care of an IDD Individual can be daunting for any family. We understand the weight a family bears, knowing their decision affects every aspect of their loved one’s life and future.

The process involves a “meet and greet” session which is attended by representatives of Evergreen Service Providers, including Executive Director, Barbara Myers. Families consistently convey that they are pleasantly surprised to have Barbara participate in that first meeting, which is not typically attended by Directors. However, we believe it’s important to know each family personally, not only to fully understand the needs of the Individual and their family, but to develop a rapport from the start that can be built on as we move forward.

The personal touch that goes along with getting to know each person enables us to be responsive. And it provides a level of continuity that assures the family of Individuals in our care that we are an extension of the family and that the welfare of their loved one is our greatest concern.

Exceptional Host Home Providers (HHPs) are the Heart of What We Do.

Without the extraordinary Host Home Providers that are part of our team, we could not provide the environments we envision for the Individuals we work with – environments in which they are treated with dignity and respect, and which foster ongoing growth. We seek out HHPs that fit that vision. But it’s rewarding when outstanding HHPs come to us and tell us they’d like to be associated with Evergreen because of the good things they’ve heard about our residential program, sometimes even referred by HHPs that already work with us. It’s great to hear that our HHPs feel appreciated and know that they truly make a difference.

Our HHPs know we are available to support them, that they will be heard, and issues will be addressed immediately. They can drop into the office to get questions answered and our open phone line policy applies to them, too. We provide the training, documents, software, and follow-through they need. A member of our staff checks in with each HHP at least monthly while some agencies meet with HHPs only quarterly.

We Have Expertise in the Family Caregiver Program.

At the age of 18, persons living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) are eligible for adult waiver services. There are several residential and care options available and a lot to understand. It’s a tough decision for families who may feel that the best option is to have their loved one continue to reside with family members. An option that is not as well known as others is Colorado’s Family Caregiver program – a state-funded alternative that enables a loved one to continue to live with their family while providing income and support.

Evergreen Service Providers has developed in-depth knowledge and detailed resources about this program and is committed to becoming the “go to” Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) when it comes to expertise and experience with Colorado’s Family Caregiver residential option. We can help families assess this and other residential options, so that when a decision is made about their loved one’s care, they are confident it’s the right one.

Evergreen has chosen to focus on offering an outstanding residential program, rather than more diverse programs that might dilute the level of foundational care and service we provide. Each member of our staff was chosen with that in mind, based on the strengths and knowledge they can contribute to our competent, efficient, compassionate team. As an exclusively residential-focused program, we are grateful to hear that our service in that niche is outstanding.

Our mission to concentrate on the residential side of an Individual’s journey enables us to build authentic relationships and provide the personal attention that instills confidence in our Individuals and helps them thrive. That means focusing on who they are as a person and their capabilities, rather than disabilities, and includes helping them choose from an array of day programs, connecting them with community activities, and even helping them find work if they wish. We believe our program serves as a model for creating the environments IDD Individuals need to thrive in mind, body, and spirit. To learn more visit www.evergreenserviceproviders.com.

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