Meet Evergreen’s New Program Manager

Evergreen Service Providers is delighted to welcome and introduce our new Program Manager, Bryce Dietz. Bringing broad experience working with Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) Individuals on many levels, he’s a valuable addition to our team.

A die-hard fan of the Bobcats, he attended Ohio University (not to be confused with Ohio State) in Athens, Ohio, where he majored in Sociology and Criminology. After graduation, he followed his now-wife – who earned a degree and landed a job in outdoor recreation – to Colorado.

Bryce is a decade-long football player. It was during that time that he became acquainted with the IDD community by volunteering to conduct special education classes and reading programs.

His original career plan was to become a police officer but changed direction due to back issues related to a football injury. With an established connection to the IDD community, Bryce began working with special needs Individuals by providing direct care, in-home services to support independent living. He then worked with a day program for a year and half before becoming a case manager at the Community Centered Boards level where he learned the ins and outs of Medicaid requirements and benefits for IDD Individuals.

Bryce finds that his education and experience in criminology add a valuable aspect to his work in that he can help prevent people who don’t belong there from going into the criminal justice system. He has witnessed IDD Individuals, who may not comprehend the consequences of some of their behaviors, needlessly get caught up in a system and situation they don’t understand. With his understanding of criminal justice, he has sometimes been able to intervene and advocate on behalf of a client and help them avoid charges.

Drawing from his years in football, Bryce realizes the importance of a good game plan – which translates into the structure that can help Individuals thrive. His philosophy is that IDD Individuals, as with football team players, have varying levels of experience and skill and need to be met where they are. It’s important to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan to work with them to grow. His communication style is like that of a coach – thorough, concise, direct and to the point. His objective is to get on the same plane of understanding with the Individual and develop realistic expectations for achievement of goals, which will yield more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Bryce believes in working hard and playing hard. He’s involved in a variety of activities when he’s away from work. Of course, he watches all Ohio University Bobcats games and follows their recruiting. He has an in-home gym where he lifts weights, is an avid collector of comic books, hones his video game skills, raises house plants, and is an animal person. He has two dogs, two cats, a hamster, a gecko, and four elaborate fish tanks. He and his wife enjoy the outdoors, including visiting Estes Park and treating their Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog to the incredible dog park there.

Bryce started work on February 14 and is still settling in and getting to know us. Please help welcome him by introducing yourself if you call or drop by the office. We are grateful to have him on the Evergreen team and appreciate all he has to offer.

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