Evergreen 2024: A Focus on Enrichment

Evergreen Service Providers wrapped up 2023 with a special luncheon to thank all our Host Home Providers (HHPs), Family Caregivers, staff, and Board members who make Evergreen what it is. Far more than a lunch or holiday party, it was time shared with the Evergreen family – a group of people whose big hearts and generous spirits pull together to help the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disability) Individuals we serve to thrive. In the process, our lives are enriched beyond measure. It’s not only that we have a common purpose – we also have each other’s backs. And the Individuals with whom we share our days, our homes, and lives are a constant inspiration.

2023 was a year of opportunities to learn and grow. Our residential program became even more effective as we found additional, innovative options for meeting the needs of our Individuals. Additionally, we expanded our expertise and the resources we offer to Community Centered Boards (CCB) and other agencies with whom we work.

In 2024 we’re excited to build on what we’ve accomplished, focusing on three priorities.

1. Expanding the Family Caregiver Program

The Colorado Family Caregiver Act provides broader choices for Individuals who are already receiving services funded by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), allowing eligible family members to become paid caregivers. Those family members must receive the same training, accept the same responsibilities, and complete the same documentation and requirements as Host Home Providers. They are associated with and overseen by PASA agencies like Evergreen. We have several family caregivers within our residential program and all report great success and appreciation for the opportunity to be with their IDD family member.

Along with our firsthand involvement, Evergreen has expanded its knowledge and expertise such that we have become a comprehensive resource for Family Caregiving. We plan to build on this experience to serve other families who choose this option and increase our value as a resource within the IDD community. If you know anyone who may be interested in the Family Caregiving option for their loved one, please point them our way. Let us know if you’d like to learn more or check out our Family Caregiver webpage.

2. Building our Family of Home Host Providers

Host Home Providers (HHPs) are the foundation of Evergreen’s residential program – opening their hearts, homes, and lives to include the IDD Individuals we serve and help them thrive. We’ve been receiving more requests for host homes in the Boulder County area and are working to recruit more HHPs, particularly in those communities. If you know anyone who might be a great fit as an HHP, please let us know. And please refer them to our Host Home Providers webpage which includes links to our HHP FAQs page and our HHP application.

3. Integrating Individuals into the Community

IDD Individuals have typically participated in activities offered through various approved organizations, which are considered elements of Supported Community Connections (SCC) – programs that are designed to help Individuals learn, develop skills, and become more connected with their communities.

But COVID brought about changes and like so many in-person activities, these programs shut down. When facilities re-opened as the pandemic subsided, staff shortages limited the number of IDD clients that could be served. Some of our HHPs could not find spots and activities for the Individuals in their care, and with limited choices, they found that there were fewer groups or activities that were a fit for them.

Working through Evergreen, some family members or acquaintances of HHPs completed training to become an SCC provider and assumed responsibility for the planning and oversight of SCC activities for various individuals. This has made a dramatic difference for Individuals because they participate in activities that are specifically tailored to their interests and capabilities as they spend more time in the community. It’s a win-win for the SCC provider and the Individual – both having their lives enriched in the process. We will continue to work within our Evergreen family to expand this highly effective way to help our Individuals participate in their local communities, broaden their experience, and build their confidence. Let us know if you’d like to explore this option for the Individuals with whom you share your home.

Moving Forward  

Evergreen likes to “pay it forward” in various ways within our community. In 2024 we will be doing so in ways that will continue to support our HHPs and Individuals, enabling them to thrive – and hopefully inspiring them to continue the pay-it-forward trend. More on that later….

We look forward to a great 2024 and are excited to see what the year brings as we grow our agency-family. Most of all, we look forward to traveling this path with the people who make it all possible!

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