About Us

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Evergreen Means Lasting Growth.

Evergreen Service Providers is a small, non-profit agency.

Based in Arvada, Colorado, we’ve been serving Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1991, and we’ve stayed small for a reason – to provide more intimate relationships between our host home providers and the people we serve.

Why Evergreen Service Providers?

Evergreen Service Providers exists to make the lives of Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities progressively better, by connecting them with the perfect setting that fosters their lasting growth in mind, body, and spirit.

Our Mission

Our name speaks to our core values. “Evergreen” means lasting growth. We foster growth that expands possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating lasting relationships. We help them flourish and make positive contributions to their community. We are passionate about ensuring the dignity of all Individuals served, one person at a time.

Learn More About Our Host Home Providers and the People We Serve

Our blog gives you a deeper look at the Individuals we serve and how our Host Home Providers are making a difference in their lives every day!

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