Our Team

Barbara Myers

Executive Director

In 2004, Barbara joined her husband, Dave Myers, co-founder and Executive Director of Evergreen Service Providers, to restructure and oversee operation of the non-profit agency that was created to serve adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and place them in loving, supportive Host Homes. After Dave’s passing, Barbara assumed the role of Executive Director. She leads a team of smart, compassionate, and service-minded people to carry out Evergreen’s mission.

Prior to joining Evergreen, Barbara had two decades of hospital case management experience and managed a day program for the developmentally disabled, working closely with Federal and State funding sources. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Most rewarding to Barbara in her role as Executive Director is seeing the IDD Individuals served by Evergreen thrive in loving, nurturing homes, improve their quality of life and achieve their goals. Outside of work, Barbara enjoys spending her personal time with her family and her dogs, Bobby and Annie.

Richard Trebus

Community Relations Manager

Richard cultivates and establishes new Host Home Providers for Evergreen Service Providers and coordinates training and development for them as well as for Family Caregivers. He develops and maintains relationships and communication with Community Centered Boards and Case Managers of IDD Individuals. Richard also coordinates meet-and-greets between IDD Individuals and prospective Host Home Providers to find the perfect fit.

Richard has worked with agencies and persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for 25+ years and holds a Master of Education and Human Resource Studies degree.

Most meaningful to Richard about the role he fills at Evergreen Service Providers is assisting Individuals to find the right placement to fit their needs and preferences. Away from work Richard enjoys the outdoors, playing sports, and developing his culinary skills.

Deanne Gardner

Executive Assistant

Deanne provides support to the Executive Director, Evergreen staff, and Host Home Providers and handles many administrative responsibilities. Serving IDD Individuals, she ensures that each person’s Medicaid and Social Security benefits are eligible and current and processes Medicaid billing. She tracks the personal needs of the IDD Individuals Evergreen serves and follows up to make sure those needs are met.

Deanne has a college education with an emphasis on accounting. The most rewarding part of Deanne’s role with Evergreen is getting to know the Host Home Providers and supporting them in any way she can to ensure that all of Evergreen Service Providers’ Individuals have a nice, safe place to live.

Outside of work, Deanne enjoys spending her personal time with her family and friends and enjoys a beach and palm trees when she has the opportunity.

Rina Hernandez, MSW

Program Manager

Rina manages programs and provides support to the IDD Individuals and Host Home Providers who are served by Evergreen Service Providers.

Rina worked for 6 years as the Rehabilitations Manager for a day program prior to joining Evergreen in 2005. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Metropolitan State College of Denver and a Master of Social Work from The University of Denver.

Most meaningful to Rina in her role with Evergreen is establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with the people she serves. Away from work, Rina enjoys spending time with her family.

Randi Bettis

CNA – Medical Professional

Randi oversees Evergreen’s medical department by reviewing the needs and implementing support for the IDD Individuals served.

Randi is a Certified Nursing Assistant, a Host Home Provider, a Qualified Medication Administration Person (QMAP), and through the International End of Life Doula Association has received training to provide non-medical support to individuals and families who are facing the last stages of life. Prior to working in the medical field, Randi was involved in Real Estate.

Most rewarding about her work is the opportunity to bring trust and confidence to her role and to get things done that truly make a difference to humanity through the support, services, and solutions she is able to provide to the community and staff at Evergreen. During her personal time, Randi most enjoys outside activities with family and friends.