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If you have the opportunity to become a Host Home Provider (HHP), just jump in. You will change someone else’s life – in the process, it will change yours. The two Individuals who share my home, one for 12 years now, are not just someone I take care of – they are family. I am blessed to do something every day that brings me joy – while I bring joy to someone else. That is priceless and a great reason to wake up each morning. I’m basically a stay-at-home mom surrounded by love. For me, this was meant to be.

Evergreen is a wonderful company to work with that makes us all family. Every staff member is always there for both the Individuals we serve and the Host Home Providers. The agency is small enough that HHPs know and can communicate with everyone on staff, and the staff knows each IDD Individual well, which is a huge help to the HHPs who care for them and need those insights. I can call Barbara anytime and talk with her about anything. I worked previously with a much larger agency, and it was just not the same. Too many people going different directions sometimes made it challenging to provide the kind of care the Individual needs. Evergreen is very hands on, they always know what is going on, and can point us to whatever resources we need. They are always there to help!

– Teresa Sanchez, Host Home Provider, Evergreen Service Providers


Before becoming an HHP, I worked with IDD Individuals in an adult program at a facility, so I already had an interest in the IDD community – it was a calling in the making! A woman who worked at the program told me about Host Home Providers (HHPs) and an immediate need that she was aware of. She connected me with Evergreen, we set up a two-night trial, and I became a fulltime Host Home Provider.

Being an HHP is a great fit for me because I care about people in general and find it especially rewarding to work with people who have challenges. I know that I am making a difference in the lives of the People with whom I share my home – that they are safe, appreciated, taken care of, treated well, and have structure in their lives. I know they will be OK.

Evergreen Service Providers is great to work with. They treat everyone like family, and never leave us on our own – they have our backs. They ensure that we have the support to do a great job and that the agency runs smoothly, which tells me they are concerned about both their clients and their HHPs – a balance I really love. Everybody works well together at Evergreen. I love the caring feeling when I walk in the office, and I love what I do!

Felicia Glover, Host Home Provider, Evergreen Service Providers


I’ve been with Evergreen for four years and share my home with two IDD Individuals. I learned about Host Home Providers (HHPs) and Evergreen Service Providers through a friend who was an HHP with Evergreen. I love being able to help people and make a difference in their lives, so it looked like a good fit for me.

What I have found most rewarding is helping the Individuals who live with me develop skills that help them be more independent and self-sufficient. They are both relatively high functioning and able to make their own decisions about the activities they participate in through their day programs, which are not highly regimented. One has had a job and did well at it. Because of their level of independence, I have kept my job with the post office, where I find myself having conversations about these great People who share my home, and activities we enjoy including video games, cooking, and karaoke. What it boils down to is that they are people, and they are family. I’m happy to be able to be an Ambassador for IDD Individuals.

I love working with Evergreen Service Providers. If I need anything – anytime of the day or night – the phone will be answered, unlike some agencies whose phone goes to voicemail after 5:00 PM. Barbara makes sure all HHPs have her personal cell phone and will answer at any time. For her, it’s about caring for these individuals and being there for the HHPs. For anyone who is interested in helping others, check it out. It is rewarding work and can be a lot of fun, too.

– Jay Seller, Host Home Provider, Evergreen Service Providers

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Evergreen Service Providers is a small, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) agency. Based in Arvada, Colorado, we’ve been serving Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1991.

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